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rights advocates say that because the bcivil union designation is hard to understand and still treats committed bgays differently from married couples, the courts should eliminate bcivil bunions and recognize gay marriage .

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View the member profile and debate history of shay.walsh on . I for one will be arguing that secularisation is not happening, and in fact religion within the UK is increasing. . Civil Unions N/S

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Let committed gay couples have civil unions; the US Constitution is NOT for trivial garbage such as this. Gay Marriage (or its ban) should be up to the Fifty States. . UK Editor at Defense Update

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Wedding requirements for Civil Unions The Civil Union Act (effective from December 2006) allows anyone – regardless of their sexual orientation to marry either through a civil union, a civil marriage or a customary marriage . rides rides/marriage-advice-daniel-brits/

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The Guardian. "Gay rights in the US, state by state.“ manželství mezi mužem a ženou je platné a uznávané v Kalifornii.“ („Only marriage. Same-Sex Marriage And Civil Unions." Public Opinion Quarterly

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Nick totally agree.This industry has exploded so quickly in the UK , and lets get real totally unregulated. . gay Marriage says: November 28, 2013 at 5:55 am

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Campaigners in the UK say that tampering with the definition of marriage would pave the way for such unions here. . Council tells churches they must conduct gay marriages. Same-sex marriage razil-allows-three-person-civil-unions/ | Dies Diem Docet | Page 11

Posts about written by GeeZeR. Rhode Island Lawmakers Approve Civil Unions. [nyt]. New York Becomes the Sixth State to Legalize Gay Marriage. [fox]

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Well luckily here in Florida they are trying to amend the constitution to outlaw gay marriage, civil unions or any equivalent.

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Civil marriage for same-sex couples should be rejected because, they said, “any attempt to redefine this sacred institution would be to undermine the concept of marriage ”. Why I support gay marriage